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      I feel fortunate to be endowed with both technical and creative sides, which has helped me to grow in more than one direction. True, working as an actor - while running a multi-service business - is no easy task. But I consider such versatile lifestyle to be a privilege, a gift that brings exciting opportunities, interesting challenges, and ultimately - unforgettable experience!

*   *   *

      I was born and raised in Moscow. My parents had technical background: they worked as engineers, later - in computer programming; my dad has also worked as a Russian-English translator & interpreter for many years. As a hobby, they performed in the theater, played some piano, and were passionate about classical music. It is with great pride that I inherit many of their skills! So, I started taking piano lessons when I was in 1st grade. Five years later, I rejoined the music school, and learned to play drums, xylophone, and percussion. Since then, music became my passion and lifelong companion.

      My 'Acting' journey began when I was 9 y.o. - an opportunity landed me on the stage of Moscow's Teacher's Club theater (along with my dad and my older brother) - where I played bit parts. At age 12, I was invited to Gorky Film Studio - to play a small part in a feature film. That was my first encounter with the Film industry; and when I set foot on the movie studio - I was mesmerized! Without yet fully realizing it (I was only 12), acting became my dream.

      In 1991 our family moved to the States. With 'Acting' perceived as an unrealistic dream, at first I took a "regular path", ultimately aiming for a full-time job in Computer Technology. I studied at the Cal. State University Northridge - while working part-time in an office (admin. assistant and computer support); and in year 2000 I earned a degree in Business Administration and Information Technology. But in March 2001 my acting career resumed. I happened to be in the right place at the right time - I met a lady who worked at Central Casting; coincidentally, she was a casting director on my favorite TV show! She helped me to get background work (Victoria, thank you!) in TV shows and feature films - which was a great, rewarding experience.

      In 2004 I signed-up with a talent agent/manager, and soon got my first principal role. Since then, I have worked in several major TV shows, including 'Commander in Chief', 'The Mindy Project'. and 'New Girl', as well as national commercials: 'Wendy's', 'Bud Light', 'Amp'd Mobile Phone', 'AT&T', etc. And of course, short films - including 'Karaganda' - and dozens of voiceover projects. My diverse looks allow me to play many various characters (see photos webpage), while my acute musical hearing enables me to imitate voices and produce authentic accents.

      Currently, I continue to pursue acting. In addition to principal work, I occasionally work in background jobs - mostly with my classic 1981 Chevy (the 1970's-1980's theme is having a comeback!). At the same time, I enjoy being a business owner, entrepreneur. So, I continue working with clients - providing various computer-related services - as well as doing Russian translation jobs. I also do occasional piano-playing gigs at special events.

      I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way, including my family, friends, relatives, co-workers, clients, and my talent manager!